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Market-makers are the architects behind various emotions in the Market. And the thinking capabilities of us Humans, who are the ultimate market-makers are prima facie convoluted.

Markets then become unpredictable owing to irrationality and our skewed mentality towards money.

Human psychology is everywhere. It is about being reactive or proactive, passive or aggressive, circumstantial or tangential, sane or not. It is sometimes sensitive and excruciating to analyze behavior that is deeply rooted in our belief system. 

However, it is significant to understand why we react the way we do when it comes to making (or losing) money. Enter The Market Mentality, which is merely about the collective mindset of Market-makers (and Market-misfits). And the picture attributing to animals of the investing world is just the beginning of simplifying money and the psychology revolving around it.

Topics related to finance and business psychology are not emerging concepts anymore. They are very much prevalent amongst market participants. Although Behavioural Finance has been dealt a branch of study in finance only for the past 20 years, the underlying idea must be 200+ years old. The Sample-size is quite adequate to draw inferences and conclusions to identify various biases and inadvertently shape our investment decisions. 

It is of no surprise that, What makes Human tick when it comes to money? is a million-dollar question. The only setback is that we are trying to find one perfect answer. 

To stop falling upon our backs any further, we need to understand that Behavioral investing techniques are about adapting to constantly changing business opportunities. They are recurring but not standard, thus require tailor-made, new investing styles all the time.

It is of prime interest to us, at The Market Mentality, to decode the reasons behind Money-choices that people make (which are often irrational). It is also our goal to help people build mental models by overcoming biases and understanding market anomalies.

We delve deep into understanding the Businesses that shape the world, the role of Behavioural finance, great thinkers and strategists of the field, lessons from financial crises, hindsight and biases and many more. Our articles are thoroughly researched and will be rewarding for anyone who has the drive and hunger to learn, build and contribute just like us.

The idea is to learn together, bridge the knowledge gap and culminate financial freedom through the highest form of literacy.

To err is human but to be ignorant and naive about it is flawed. So, follow and subscribe to our articles and become intellects in decoding the vital forces that maneuver the Markets. In due course, stay on top of topics related to Business and Finance as well.

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