ESG: a meaningful link between Investment Profits and Purpose


‘ESG’ is still a nascent concept for many, especially if you are an investor being suggested to include ESG metrics in your portfolio. This well-researched, long-form article is your one-stop reference for most of your questions on the topic.

Economics 101


“The economy is in decline” is probably what we have heard the most recently, after hearing sentences on how 2020 delivered a year which made horror movies seem like cartoons. Before we dive into whether the slope of our economy is declining or inclining, what is the economy?

The Curious Case of Grey Market

grey market

Like all things in life, the markets too are not exactly black and white. Sometimes it’s green, the other times it bleeds red. Alongside these, there is a narrow domain which is in-between, unbeknownst to many – The Grey Market. We have been talking about the stocks markets, IPOs, and what not incessantly in the recent […]

Marginal Relief

Marginal Relief

Marginal Relief is a provision in the tax laws to reduce the burden of the taxpayer in paying Surcharge at the rates applicable to it, when the Total income exceeds certain, specified limits.

Why do we pay Tax?

Disentangling the tax trauma

Tax trauma is a myth when you understand the genesis of ‘What, Why, Who, When, and How’ of Taxes. This article will debunk and simplify it all, for you.

The fallacies and illusions that prevail in the Markets


Understanding some of the illusions and fallacies in Finance will help you grasp the market eccentricities better and provides a clear sight for dealing with investment opportunities and threats. Here’s an opportunity to learn.

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